My friends are adopting a baby! There are really no words that can properly express just how amazing Mike & Karen are. You immediately see the joy of God in them without them having to say a word. I met this couple while I was in college and I can honestly say that they have played a huge role in my life whether they know it or not. I accepted Jesus in my life during my freshman year of college, shortly after meeting Mike & Karen. It was the first life-defining decision that I had made for myself and there were definitely obstacles to overcome after making that decision. I often found myself looking towards Mike & Karen as examples of just what Jesus is capable of. They consistently display God's love in every aspect of their life especially in their relationship with one another.  I have witnessed their relentless faith in Jesus from every day experiences to bigger challenges which has been such an inspiration for me. 

Their baby is already so loved by so many people. Karen asked me to create this piece that will be placed in their baby's future nursery. I was incredibly honored that she thought of me to be a part of their adoption journey. These are lyrics from the song "Daughter" by Sleeping At Last. When I listened to this song for the first time I was almost in tears. It is such a beautiful definition of love. I loved what Karen said to me when she explained why they chose these lyrics. With genuine excitement, she explained that if there were any song that explains God's love for his children, this would be that song. So it's not only a song that expresses the love that they have for their future baby but it's all based on the love that God shows us and that's why they want their child to know. How amazing is that!? 

If you'd like to learn more about the Moran's story and how you can help, visit their funding page