This was my first baby announcement project! Mandee reached out to me to create a surprise sign for a couple that she was doing a photo shoot for. This couple had already overcome a lot so she wanted to make sure that their baby announcement was extra special. I was completely honored that she chose me to create their sign. These lyrics are from one of my very favorite songs by Carrie Underwood called Heartbeat (I'm not much of cryer but this song gets me every dang time!). It was the perfect choice for their announcement. This project meant so much to me and I hope it did for this sweet couple as well!

Side note: I am obsessed with Mandee Matthews' photography! Her work is absolutely stunning and timeless. When I met with her for the first time to give her this sign, I remember thinking that she looked so familiar. Well I did a little research (aka Facebook stalking) and I figured out that we had actually hung out with mutual friends in high school! What are the chances! Mandee is such a talented lady with a heart of gold and I am so honored that she reached out to me for this project :)